About me


Dionne Freeman is a freelance artist from Oxford.  Her practice focuses on working with others, sharing skills and facilitating projects for people to express themselves through the visual arts. Specialising in spatial and self-awareness Dionne uses her expressive approaches to investigate the potential of spaces and attitudes in self-expression. Dionne currently delivers training and specialised consultancy work on how to use the arts to reach more vulnerable groups and transform attitudes and preconceptions towards creativity. Dionne has exhibited her work in London, Amsterdam, The Pitt Rivers Museum and Oxford Botanic Garden.


Dionne’s work focuses on focus on the constant evolvement of mark making and the exploration of surfaces and space. Incorporating the fabric and landscape of different spaces with suggestions of its surrounding; where memories and traces are associated with recognisable shapes and sounds interpreting an all encompassing layered vision. The work explores how the brain needs to make connections with the familiar- using traces, fragments of places and spaces to rearrange these and formulate the familiar.